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Massimo Genova, CEO Alveria, AlveriaMassimo Genova, CEO Alveria
Human Resources play an immense role in the development of a brand. It's the people of a company that makes it so great. But finding the appropriate candidate with the appropriate qualifications often becomes a daunting task. Even after finding suitable candidates, how can one ensure that their skills remain up to date, who will master which skill? Alveria, an HR solutions provider, is here to answer these burning questions.

Established in 2010, the Italian company Alveria combines an in-depth knowledge of HR services with advanced technology frameworks that support HR management. The solutions offered are innovative and effective and enhance skill and professionalism in people. Along with consulting, training, and assessments, Alveria also provides solutions for sales. Alveria allows clients to maximize their engagement with resources by helping them design and implement the management process. It enables the company to evolve by providing them with knowledge gained from the market over a decade and helping in skill development. The range of solutions offered by Alveria is diverse and covers every aspect of human resources.

Alveria offers Business Consultancy in improving the skills and values of each individual who contributes to the business and offers its Executive Search Activity for the selection of top executives and management. It offers training to improve the skills of the people in the organization and offer innovative courses by the latest trends. Alveria offers them in Italian and English. The HR Solutions, which includes the Human Capital Management System (HCMS), digitizes the entire management process in a single dashboard, consisting of all the necessary details of concerned personnel.

Alveria suggests the development of Professional Systems that includes the strategies and objectives of a business and creates a list of knowledge and skills about a particular job role. This enables personnel to remain competitive in the market. Its objective is to identify the distinctive skills needed by a professional and provide them with the necessary courses.
This enhances professional and technical competencies, as well as organizational competencies. Alveria’s HR Governance Model consists of experts who have studied and witnessed the evolution of human resources and offer models and benchmarks to understand it. Experts allow Alveria customers to understand what HR model will be best for them and how they can update it over time. Experts do this by analyzing the structure of the organization, identifying their management process, and implementing the appropriate HR model.

Alveria is also the only Italian consulting firm that has adopted the Sociotechnical Approach, according to which, a company is a complex system that consists of a technical dimension (plants, equipment, systems) and social dimension (individuals, groups). Alveria constantly assesses the necessary changes in these dimensions based on market developments so that the functionality of the business remains optimal. Alveria also offers e-Recruiting which enables management to plan the entire selection process. From CV collection, testing, and final selection, managers can view the entire process online, streamlining the entire process. The system, by Privacy Legislation, has the mechanism to delete the CVs of the candidates once the selection process is over.

Alveria offers a unique solution, called the Skill Gap Assessment, which focuses on technical-functional skills, personal abilities, professional experience, and motivations. Measuring these four factors points to a candidate's potential. This special process ensures that the candidate has a holistic development who will become an asset to the company in the future. Another unique solution offered by Alveria is its MBO and Performance Management System which enables its clients to optimize their organizational and management performance and have a progressive view of the same. The system is tailored as per the need of the client which enhances its efficiency. The 360 ° Feedback tool allows the management to carry out a feedback process. One can define the weightage of each feedback according to the final objective. These feedbacks can then be analyzed in depth to generate recommendations to improve the company's internal operations.

Alveria is a customer-centered brand that ensures its customers get the best service. It has always aimed at enhancing the skills of personnel and helping organizations improve their operations. The loyalty it has towards its clients is based on mutual trust and transparency. It values diversity and every member of it is a unique individual with unique abilities, and Alveria strives to maintain that. It has helped several brands improve their reputation and strives to do the same for years to come.

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Massimo Genova, CEO Alveria

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