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Karin Volo, CEO and Chief Joy Bringer, EvoloshenKarin Volo, CEO and Chief Joy Bringer The past year has shown us the significance of these words. Especially in the business world, the only organisations that have remained unscathed by the catastrophic ‘winds’ of the pandemic are those that have been flexible like a ‘green reed’ in their business models and workplace practices. Take the instance of EasyPark Group—a facilitator of a seamless parking ecosystem, which was facing the crisis of transitioning to an unfamiliar work-from-home model during the pandemic. However, EasyPark wasted no time in enabling seamless migration of its workflow from the office to home.

The company began by training its employees to build mutual trust and enhance collaboration in the new normal. Every employee of EasyPark from over 20 countries dialled in from their homes and entered a virtual ‘conversational intelligence’ program specifically designed to teach them the science behind developing stronger collaboration through ‘trust’ language. This program paved the way for a robust cultural transformation, strengthening the bond between employees and realigning their goals with EasyPark’s business vision. In the course of six 90-minute training sessions, the employees learned the skills, tools, and techniques needed to have a seamless conversation with their colleagues in the ‘new normal’ and create a versatile foundation for large-scale collaboration with their customers.

The architect behind this transformation was Evoloshen—an international corporate training and consulting company, leveraging its proven outcome-driven methodologies and frameworks to help organisations develop more trustworthy leadership teams, and in turn, increase the company’s cultural engagement.

“Our goal at Evoloshen is to develop high trust, increase engagement, and support purpose-driven organisations, paving the way for higher productivity, greater talent attraction and retention, better profits, and more joy at the workplace,” says Karin Volo, an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development, and the CEO and Chief Joy Bringer at Evoloshen.

The Path to Sustainable Cultural Transformation

The roots of Evoloshen can be traced back to ‘Engage,’ an international bestselling book co-authored by Karin in 2013. Based on the workplace culture knowledge and thought leadership within its pages, Karin laid the foundation for one of the world’s unique corporate training and consulting companies.

Over the course of her journey, Karin has helped hundreds of companies overcome their employee engagement challenges. According to her, “The biggest challenge in the employee engagement space today is getting the top management buy-in on the cultural transformation programs in an organisation. Often, executives consider employee engagement programs to be ‘kickoff projects,’ where they can just make an initial investment and get back to their ‘more important’ tasks. Other times, even if some clients are invested in their employee engagement programs, they might not have a robust cultural strategy in place.

Evoloshen is fast changing this status-quo in the corporate world and illuminating the way for companies towards better employee engagement strategies.

Our goal at Evoloshen is to develop high trust, increase engagement, and support purpose driven organisations, paving the way for higher productivity, greater talent attraction and retention, better profits, and more joy at the workplace

Evoloshen Research collaborates with top leadership experts, academic researchers, neuroscientists, and organisations worldwide to gather crucial research data on what makes employee engagement a success. Backed by such insights, the company trains the leaders and employers on bringing joy to the workplace through its Evoloshen Academy programs. It focuses on introducing sustainable business models in client organisations. Specifically, the neuroscience of engagement and trust (NET) leadership model—developed from years of executive coaching and mentorship—empowers individuals and teams to build an environment of trust and loyalty. It enables clients to tap into their company’s cultural pulse and weave joy into every level of their organisation. “Rather than just revolving around profit, our model focus on what truly matters: developing the people,” says Karin.

The Five ‘Cs’ and Six ‘Ps’ of a Happy Workplace

“Our approach to fostering engagement and joy at our client’s workplace is as unique as it is simple,” says Karin. “We start by breaking down the five Cultural Keys (collaboration, creativity, connection, celebration, contribution) and the six Ps (purpose, passion, people, productivity, profits, positive impact) of the most successful, employee-favoured, and growing organisations in the world.” These cultural keys are applied to client organisations and quantified, based on which, Evoloshen customises its training strategies.

With a network of best-in-class trainer partners, the company then provides training services to help employees hone the science of conversational intelligence, and alongside, aids them with other programs like career development, life design, and so on. In cases where clients lack the personnel to spearhead cultural engagement programs, Evoloshen also deploys a part-time chief cultural officer who can take over the responsibility and collaborate with the client to accelerate their strategies.

To further enhance the trust-building capabilities, Evoloshen provides its clients access to the international cultural engagement specialist (ICES) online certification program. With an ICES certification, clients are equipped with the right capabilities to lead the charge of bringing positivity and productivity to the workplace. The robust certification program incorporates the best tools and techniques based on proven results; all optimised to create lasting engagement within a company. It specifically focuses on identifying what the world’s most successful companies are doing right, and how they are able to establish a culture of low turnover, a large talent pool, and high productivity. Evoloshen teaches proven culture strategies to maximize the potential of employees and the organization as a whole.

Behind the Wheels of Evoloshen

Karin and her team are driven by their unflinching values of purpose, integrity, excellence, and care.
“Whether it is an individual, a team, or a company, strong values are the backbone for success,” says Karin. These values are reflected across the board for Evoloshen, even in the decisions it makes with its teams, its partners, and its clients.
  • In cases where clients lack the personnel to spearhead cultural engagement programs, Evoloshen also deploys a part-time chief cultural officer who can take over the responsibility and collaborate with the client to accelerate their strategies

The Evoloshen team loves working with clients and bringing joy in their workplaces. By leveraging this very passion, it energises and inspires employees to be a better version of themselves. This is only complemented by the honesty, transparency, and respect that Evoloshen brings into every interaction in order to deliver the highest value to clients. As a result, Evoloshen forges excellent client relationships that are rooted in understanding the people behind client companies on a personal level.

“In fact, Evoloshen signifies evolving spirit, and this is what we do,” says Karin. “We touch the hearts and souls of individuals and organisations, helping them evolve and reach their full potential.”

Setting the Course for Sustainable Employee Engagement

To illustrate the company’s interactions with clients, Karin cites another instance when Evoloshen collaborated with a global consulting organisation, which was seeking to enhance trust at the leadership level. Karin and her team began training the executives remotely at the company’s offices in Sweden. Just as the lockdowns came into force. Karin and her team quickly scaled up the training, enabling employees from the client’s different office locations across Europe to attend the program. By the end of the program, the client was able to achieve a workplace driven by trust. Moreover, Evoloshen’s training gave them the necessary tools to be able to manage the uncertainty and the fear brought on by the pandemic.

Propelled by such success stories, Evoloshen is well on its way to being at the helm of the employee engagement space. The company, regardless of the rapid changes in the workplace operations, is helping client organisations to seamlessly adapt and pivot the opposing currents of the pandemic. With a growing partnership network spread throughout the world, the company is ever ready to provide cultural engagement services, be it a compact coaching program or a large-scale training project.

As organisations increasingly want to experiment with new tools and techniques that enhance workplace culture, Evoloshen is staying prepared to illuminate their path into a sustainable future. Moving forward, the company aims to innovate and augment its employee engagement and trust-building strategies even further for the benefit of clients.

Especially when it comes to building a culture of trust, one can always count on Evoloshen to leverage proven methodologies and foster a workplace driven by joy.
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Karin Volo, CEO and Chief Joy Bringer

Evoloshen is an international corporate training and consulting company specialising in transforming business through culture. The company’s proven outcome-driven methodologies and frameworks enable organisations to significantly increase employee engagement and develop effective, trustworthy leadership. Evoloshen makes it easy for its customers to streamline and augment their business strategies, thus increasing productivity, attracting and retaining talent, enhancing performance, and boosting profits