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Roberto De Bacco, Executive Coach and Managing Partner, Cocrea Roberto De Bacco, Executive Coach and Managing Partner
The job of CEO and organizational leaders is to make a difference in terms of results and impacts on their clients, customers, and then on society and the world. To achieve this, they wish to create high performance teams, where talent density and collaboration become crucial over silos like disengagement and complacency that hinder efficiency and productivity. The leaders need to create a culture of trust and support, where everybody could give their own contribution. It becomes extremely important to figure out the blind spots and invisible forces that lead to waste of time, energy, creativity, productivity and efficiency. Organizational development companies have specialized in helping organizations unleash the full potential to create a context of trust that enables the employees to co create and share a common vision. But none of the companies have been able to match the 30 years expertise of COCREA.

Derived from the word co create, COCREA has been helping organizations become autonomous in creating common vision and learning to transform the invisible forces. “We do a very specific job,” says Roberto De Bacco, Executive Coach and ManagingPartner, COCREA. “We have developed 30 years experience on the ground that has found its scientific confirmation in the discoveries from neurosciences of the past decade. And we continuously evolve through our experimentation and practice in our workshops and on ourselves. Our methodology is proprietary and based on human biology and how the human brain works. Our peculiarity lies in the fact that we share our technology with the companies we work with so that they can become autonomous in using our approach to discover their blind spots, its impact on performance and to transform their corporate culture - from command and control to co-creation.” COCREA supports its clients to identify unconscious, dysfunctional behaviors, which create a context where people cannot express their full potential, undermining creativity and productivity. By facilitating organizations to draw up on people’s quality and available resources, the company has been able to bring about a culture of mutual trust to work together for the vision of the organization.

The discovery of blind spots for individuals begins with an assessment called the Ego Personal Impact whilefor teams it starts with Ego Team Impact.

The workshops lead to a high-performance team that supports and nurtures the talents and finds a new way of collaboration far beyond the competition

COCREA ensures that the individuals identify their automatic pilots and blind spots and how these Ego traits hamper the way individuals work, interact with colleagues, and impact the culture. The individuals are made aware of these and the possibility to transform the same. In their experience, COCREA has realized that not all organizations wish to start with this first phase of assessment. They are more interested in the next programs that are called Leadership and Personal Mastery and Team in Vision.

Through Leadership and Personal Mastery workshops, leaders take responsibility for their own unconscious behaviors and, by deciding to transform them, they become the key drivers of the company’s cultural transformation. And during Team Vision, COCREA works specifically on a team to create a context of trust and collaboration where everybody is constantly given their contribution to create a vision aligned to a common Purpose. At the end of the process, everybody takes a commitment to work in the direction of the vision they have created. Then comes Maintenance Architecture whereCOCREA has formulated some appointments of coaching with a goal to generate the possibility to be autonomous in creating value by themselves without COCREA’s support.

“Our programs lead to a high performance team that supports and nurtures the talents and finds a new way of collaboration that is far beyond the competition,” says De Bacco. COCREA demonstrated this in their work with a leading international bank. In their endeavour to achieve digital transformation, the bank realised the necessity to work on the human part of the transformation where there is more trust, connection, and support. The bank got to know about COCREA and was immediately employed to bring about the cultural transformation. Upon implementation of the framework and instruments, the bank was able to increase innovation and a culture that supports each other in facing the complexity and the challenges of the market.

Due to the efficacy of the COCREA framework, the company has realised the cultural needs of the international organisations committed to growth and ESG – Environment, Sustainability and Governance – and is confident of its adoption and success framework. With clients from numerous European countries, COCREA aims to help develop a context of trust and collaboration, to enable organizations to become autonomous in the practice of its methodology to push their growth, leadership and collaboration.
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Porza, Switzerland

Roberto De Bacco, Executive Coach and Managing Partner

Since the early ‘90s the company has the privilege to work with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors, with individuals and teams to support them in their processes of change, growth and leadership development. Its purpose is to work side by side with organizations to support people to uncover their unconscious mind-sets, to identify the root causes of their consequent behaviors that are the biggest block to successful transformations in order to enable a contest of co-creation, trust and value